Our Vision and Drive

Established in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic SU Professionals is the professional membership association for people working in Students’ Unions in the UK.

We are here to help connect our members, provide quality opportunities for development and enable our members to share their work and celebrate their successes.

Our Vision

Our vision is for high quality people operating at the heart of every students’ union, improving students' experiences.

Our Mission

We connect, develop, and share the work of our members, creating an effective professional body for the students’ union movement.

We enable consistency of shared standards and expectations of our members and champion their contribution to the sector and beyond.


Our Values


Collaboration sets students’ unions apart from other industries; we will work model and encourage partnership, and the sharing of ideas, both within and from outside the movement to the benefit of the profession.



Our profession is diverse in opportunities, people, and services. Everyone should be valued, well represented, and given the opportunity to grow. We will strive to ensure that the profession, our members, and the movement continues to lead on diversity and inclusion.



Providing learning opportunities is one of the central drivers for the establishment of the association. We will ensure a learning environment which is both influential in promoting progression within the sector, and paramount to the individual successes of our members.



We are proud of our unique sector, and its challenges and differences. Working in a students’ union is a privilege we want more people to believe is for them. Our work needs to reflect the enthusiasm we have for our sector, and the care we have for our collective reputation.



We are an association you can trust and depend upon. We say what we do and do what we say, always with our members in mind. We will prioritise transparency to build and maintain trust with our members, their organisations, their beneficiaries, and our partners to enhance and elevate the Students' Union profession.

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