Building connection with colleagues across our sector is a vital part of our profession. Connecting through similar roles, projects and challenges being faced enables us to develop and share experiences.

Some of the ways we enable you to connect are:

- online groups

- in-person networks

- training and conferences


At the heart of professional development is our ability to learn and develop new skills not only through training and courses but through testing out and experiencing new opportunities.

Some of the things we are focused on developing are:

- Accredited training pathways

- Developing a code of ethics for the sector

- Informal development online and in-person.



A critical part of our association is enabling colleagues to share their work, to sing about their successes and share the challenges that have been or are being faced.

We will enable this sharing through:

- developing an online resource base

- showcasing work online and in person

- workshops and conferences

- awards and recognition