New Website and Relaunch for 2022/23.


17 Jun 2022

We've been in reflection mode, now we are back.

The Association of SU Professionals has today launched a new website and has opened its doors for membership for 2022/23. We are about to announce a number of SUs joining the association for 22/23 and the further enhance our benefits for members in the coming weeks.

Having launched the association in the midst of Covid we have taken some time to reflect and ensure that we can build a model of delivery during our initial inception as people return to working in more interactive spaces both in person and online.

Our Founder and Director has also had to step back for a large proportion of the last year to focus on needs within his family and we are proud to have supported him to do so.

During the summer months we will be announcing:

- Our development programme

- A partnership to bring benefits to individual staff members

- Opportunities to get involved in our research

- Opportunities to get involved in the association in a range of ways that will drive forward our work.

For more information don't hesitate to get in touch.