ASUP Membership 

Terms and Conditions 

Membership categories 

There are two categories of ASUP membership: 

  • Member, and
  • Associate Member

Student, Fellowship and Honorary Membership will be launched in 2022.


To become a member, you must: 

  • Be employed as a member of staff work for a students’ union, 
  • Send a completed application for Membership, and 
  • Pay the appropriate subscription fee 

Associate Member 

In order to become an associate member you must: 

  • Have either worked as a member of staff within a students’ union or have a keen interest in the work and professional development of students’ union staff.
  • Submit a completed application form for Membership, subject to occasional review by the Advisory Board.
  • Pay the relevant subscription fee 

Membership subscriptions 

For 2020-2021 there is a flat fee for members. An option to pay monthly is available.

New membership subscriptions will commence in January 2022.

Organisation subscriptions are available, starting with a minimum subscription for 5 members of staff. For more information: click here

The normal subscription period is one year. 

Membership is for a minimum of one year. 

Every member will receive written notification that their subscription is due to expire, with details of how much renewal is and how it can be renewed. 

Members can choose to pay by the following methods: 

  • Direct Bank transfer 
  • Credit or debit card 
  • Direct debit (not available for international members) 

If you choose to pay by, direct bank transfer, credit/debit card, payment should be made within 30 days of the start of the annual subscription and is only deemed to be settled when the full amount is received by ASUP in cleared funds.

If you wish to make a direct bank transfer payment from a UK or ROI account, please use the details below: 

Account Name: SU Professionals Ltd 
Bank Address: Starling Bank Operations Team, PO Box 74352, London, EC2P 2QU
Sort Code: 608371 
Account Number: 97176218
IBAN: GB62SRLG60837197176218 

If you wish to make a payment by direct bank transfer from a UK or ROI bank account, please ensure this is accompanied by a remittance advice. Please note that the ASUP must receive the full amount shown on the invoice. Any fees or charges which are levied by the bank for you to make this payment should be paid by you directly and should not come out of your ASUP fee payment. If you do not pay these bank charges you will still be liable for the difference between the amount that is paid to us and your total fee payable. Any shortfalls in the fee should be paid immediately. 

Rights, privileges, and responsibilities of Members 

All Members are required to observe the Vision, Mission and Values of the professional association and any future statement of ethics and professional behaviours (being developed in 2021). The Vision, Mission and Values can be found here:

All Members are entitled to: 

  • attend general meetings of the Association, 
  • receive publications as they are issued, 
  • participate in activities provided by the Association, 

In addition, Members with full subscriptions of the Association are entitled to:

  • vote at general meetings of the association,
  • hold office within the Association, 
  • vote in the Association’s elections, 
  • stand for election, and
  • receive awards, grants and bursaries offered by the Association. 

Refusal, termination and cancellation of membership 

If you wish to cancel your membership please notify the ASUP in writing to [email protected] or The Association of SU Professionalsm 139 Hanham Road, Bristol, BS15 8NR. 

You should give at least ten working days’ notice for the cancellation of your membership to take effect. The normal subscription period is one year. In the event that the subscription fee has not been paid in full at the point of termination, you will be liable to settle the outstanding balance within seven days. 

The Membership Panel may refuse your application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the Association to refuse the application. 

The Membership Panel will inform you in writing of the reasons for the refusal within twenty-one days of the decision. 

The Membership Panel will consider any written representations you may make to appeal against the decision. 

The Membership Panels’ decision following any representations will be notified to you in writing but will be final. 

Membership will be terminated if: 

  • you die or, 
  • if it is an organisation, ceases to exist,
  • you resign by written notice to the Association, unless, after the resignation, there would be fewer than two members, 
  • you do not pay your membership fees within three months,  or
  • you are removed from membership by a resolution of the Membership Panels that it is in the best interests of the Association that your membership is terminated.

The Membership Panel may terminate your membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the Association to terminate your membership. 

A resolution to remove you from membership may only be passed if you have been given at least twenty-one days’ notice in writing of the meeting of the Advisory Board at which the resolution will be proposed and the reasons why it is proposed. 

You or your representative (who need not be a member of the Association), are allowed to make representations to this meeting. 


Refunds for membership are not given. If you wish to cancel your membership part way through your annual subscription partial refunds are not given.

The Association of SU Professionals is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SU Professionals Ltd. SU Professionals Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales #12539954.
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